ILOG Drinks the Microsoft Kool-Aid

In addition to having an affinity for IBM, ILOG has jumped in bed with Microsoft with ILOG Rules for .NET.

I am not easily impressed, however I must say that this product earns a lot of points in my book. It took several weeks of in depth research for this article, but I came away with a very positive impression of the product and the .NET platform in general. If Microsoft’s WCF performance figures are to be believed, anyone building enterprise applications on .NET  need look no further. They even eat their own dogfood.

The copy editor (a new one) had a heavy hand with this one, but the message is still clear. You can read the review of ILOG Rules for .NET and it’s applicability to the enterprise over at InfoWorld magazine.

It is certainly ‘interesting times’ in the BRMS space. With the union of JRules & Filenet through the IBM acquisition, one wonders if this shotgun marriage isn’t the final step on the BRMS/BPM/SOA consolidation. FairIsaac seems to be on the ropes, with little choice but to accept an acquisition. That leave only a handful of commercial vendors. Perhaps we’ll see the rise of open source BRMSs? I’ve already seen more uses of JBoss Rules (Drools) in the field this year that I’ve seen in the past three, and it’s improving by leaps & bounds with each release.

Interesting times indeed.


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