One of those days…

This week I had to travel for a few days. When rushing out of the house that morning I forgot my mobile! On top of that my flight got canceled and I ended up hanging around the airport for a few hours – sans mobile.

Its times like these you really feel how dependent we are on these gadgets. The main problem is that people have an expectation that they can get you instantly on the phone. This is extending now into the email arena where the expectation is that you are instantly addressable via email on your blackberry.

Fortunately, my laptop, wi-fi and web-based services came to the rescue (somewhat). My phone carrier allows me to set call diversions from their web site. So I could divert my number to a nearby landline. For outbound calls, I was able to buy a prepaid calling card online. An access number and PIN was emailed to me and voila any nearby landline becomes a gateway to the world. I had effectively provisioned a telephone account over the web!

I suppose the really smart thing would have been to use Skype, but my laptop lacks a microphone…


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